Thursday, October 2, 2008

PLNs on Fast Forward

I am staring at my computer screen trying to decide how to condense Personal/Professional Learning Networks into a five minute presentation - for tomorrow!

The idea, as I understand it, is that I will be one of several people presenting to an international delegation visiting our school board. We will each do a ~5 minute presentation (which will last 10 minutes when allowing for the interpreter). The visitors have many questions about technology integration, so our presentations are meant to focus on a few key points which will create openings for questions and discussion.

Which brings me back to my dilema: how do I condense PLNs into five minutes without showing the whole thing on fast forward?

I really should hit on:
- Keeping my own blog
- Reading other blogs (some of my favourites by other reflective teachers)
- Nings (connecting with other teachers to collaboarate)
- Twitter (and all the great resources I learn about there)
- Social Bookmarking
- The WOW2.0 podcast
Plus, I was asked to touch on using wikis and blogs with my students.

I guess the real question is what can I leave out to allow time for the rest?

I'm still working on the answer...I've got about 9 hours left... help!

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