Monday, August 10, 2009

A Sad Day

John and Lois left this morning. It has been a sad day for me. We have spent together and I think that the experiences we have shared havemany weeks made us quite a tight-knit group. In some ways, it seems like this is the beginning of the end of our time in Africa. In another week, we will all be heading home. Breaking up the group is just the beginning.

Lois made a nice analogy to explain why she is not staying longer. She says that when she reads a book, she needs time afterwards to digest it before beginning a new one. Our experience in Mbita was one book and she was not ready to begin a new one yet. I am recognizing the wisdom of that decision today. I am still trying to process what has happened in South Africa and Mbita. I am not sure whether I am ready for another challenge. I feel tired and it seems like it will take a lot of energy to merge with the other team for another set of workshops.

Time to gear up and dig deep.

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