Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Curriculum Delivery vs Learning

We are in the middle of our week of workshops for facilitators. Today’s menu included a visioning workshop. When asked about the main goal or mission statement for the organization, the participants came up with a statement about getting computers and training to the school to allow for “curriculum delivery through ICT.”

Think about that for a minute. Curriculum delivery. No learning need ever take place in the scope of this vision. As long as the curriculum is delivered using ICT, it is a success – not matter if it is actually received! This vision does not even suggest at the acquisition of any kind of technology skills by teachers of students.

For the next school year, I want to keep this in mind when planning my lessons. Am I delivering content, or planning for development of competencies and learning? Am I suggesting that the technology will teach (teach-nology?) or have I designed a lesson for inquiry and construction of knowledge? Good questions to ask myself.

Busy day tomorrow. We are all hoping for great connectivity for various activities. It has been spotty at best this week. Cross your fingers that all goes well, otherwise we can demonstrate the interactive tool while everyone just watches. Better have a back-up plan, I guess.


Michael said...

This is the most fundamental issue of technology integration. It should be at the core of any professional development. That you are concerned about it means the ETSB needs to refocus on this central theme in its PD, starting immediately with the ELS teachers.

kristy said...

Your reflection is an important one, Jode! Our society does not reflect enough on our current systems and the ways in which we measure success. Students, or at least a large number of the youth that I have worked with, are not being taught to think, create, innovate. They are taught they need to regurgitate information, memorize text, and onbey authority! I am sure if our curriculum focused more on the learning of the individual, behaviour challenges would decrease, and success rates would increase. It's a huge boat that will take time to turn around, but trips such as your provide the opportunity for a shift in thinking. well done!