Wednesday, May 27, 2009


End of the school year activities are in full swing, but my attention is torn between my class and my upcoming Teachers Without Borders (TWB) trip.

Last night was the final WOW2 (Women of Web 2.0) podcast of the school year. The topic was TWB and our team was invited to participate. It is a podcast that has meant a lot to me in terms of hearing new ideas and expanding my horizons beyond the area in which I live. It was exciting to be on the other side, as it were.

My only frustration was not being able to get into the chat room. I went to school to get to a high-speed connection, only to find that the chat is not accessible. Ah well.

Listening to the other team members and talking about our trip, it was very real. I can hardly believe that school will be over in 4 weeks, and we will be leaving in just 5 weeks! I have so much left to do – not the least of which is preparing my four year-old for my extended absence. Or was that preparing myself for my absence from my four year-old? Still, I can’t wait - what an experience this will be!

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